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  • Pat Wake

    Pat Wake Palmer, AK

    Thanks Tim. If you ever visit Palmer, look us up. God Bless you too!

    Thanks Tim. If you ever visit Palmer, look us up. God Bless you too!

  • Tim lytle

    Tim lytle Mandeville la.

    Was born in Palmer Alaska 12 11 52. Am a musician Love. it God bless you

    Was born in Palmer Alaska 12 11 52. Am a musician Love. it God bless you

  • Pat Wake

    Pat Wake Palmer, Alaska

    Michelle, this Photo was taken at the Peanut Farm in Anchorage.

    Michelle, this Photo was taken at the Peanut Farm in Anchorage.

  • Michelle


    where was this photo taken Pat ?

    where was this photo taken Pat ?

Welcome, thanks for visiting.

Hello, we started out as Pat and Sean, a father/ son team playing around south central Alaska and later changed our name to the No Wake Band.  We play a variety of familiar folk, country, and rock music.  We are available to play for events and establishments, weddings and parties.  Our modest beginning in music has snow balled and the requests for our music and the scope of events we play in is still growing.  We are very happy with the CD we produced, and we encourage you to check out our music.  Sign up for our mailing list, check out our schedule, come to one of our shows and see us.  Contact us for more information.


Making Waves 

Going to the Salmonfest gets you noticed.  Here's a little article from the Frontiersman.

SalmonFest 2017 

Hello, we're glad to be playing in Salmon Fest 2017.  It is Alaska's biggest out door music festival and is nick named Salmonstock, Alaska's Woodstock.  The details aren't out yet, but we're very happy to be included in the line up, snd we're looking forward to the event.  What fun!

Wind in my Sail  Podcast

While Stationed in Germany in 1986, being under a lot of stress I was unable to sleep.  I had to get up for work on Ramstein Air Base at 5am.  At 4am, I had not yet fallen to sleep.  I decided to get out of bed and try to learn a Don Williams song that was floating in my head.  Instead, I picked up my 12 string guitar, and this song came to me instantly.  It is the Title track to out recently released CD, Wind in my Sail.  It remains my personal favorite of the songs I have written.  Our music is also available on Amazon, itunes, and other online music outlets.  

  1. Wind in my Sail

KTVA 11 News Daybreak show  

This morning we were on the Morning Mic check on KTVA 11:
This evening we are headed to the the Quaint little drinking town with a big fishing problem, otherwise known as Homer Alaska.  Not only is Homer beautiful, but every time we go there we are either playing music or fishing.  It is a win-win situation.  We will be at Alice's Champagne Palace tomorrow evening.

Alaska Home Companion Radio Show 

I have always enjoyed playing in variety shows, and I'm happy to be playing in the Alaska Home Companion show again this year.  Check it out: or go to for more info. 

Playing at the Hitchin Post 

We have played at the Alaska State Fair several times at Slippery Gulch.  This year we will be playing again at Slippery Gulch, although a date and time is not set yet.  We will also be playing at the Hitchin Post, which is a new venue for us.  We are really looking forward to it.  We hope to see you there.

Release of our CD, "Wind and my Sail". 

We are excited about the release of the CD Wind in my Sail.  Sean and I have been playing in parties, weddings, bars, salons, fairs, festivals, lodges, hotels and so on of the last five years or so.  We do mostly covers, and sprinkle our original songs in between the familiar cover everybody is familiar with.  We noticed, as I already knew from my experience playing them years ago that we got good responses from people on our original songs.  Five of the six songs on the CD were written by Pat Wake between 1978 and 1986.  Sean's instrumental, "Chasing Sean",  was composed by Sean Renard, who performed it live by himself, by looping.  A family friend, dubbed the song Chasing Sean, so that is what he named it.  The songs on the CD range from light heartedness to heaviness to peacefulness, and they range from country/ folk to rock.  Michelle Larose plays the bass on most of the songs on the CD, and she is very helpful to the band with coordination of the band members and logistics of our performances, so a special thanks to her.  Cameron Cartland plays the drums on the CD.  Cameron was suggested to by Kurt Riemann at the Studio, and we were delighted with his work.  The banjo on "Smoke in my Eyes", was played by Doug Schutte.  Kurt Riemann at Surreal Studios did all of the Studio work.  I Sean and I would like to thank all of them for their work and input to our CD, "Wind in my Sail".  Thank You!

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We are offering a free download of some from our Wind in my Sail album to anyone who joins our email list. We will keep you informed on what is going on the No Wake adventure trail.

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Previous events

Pat Wake/ No Wake Band

The Forks Roadhouse, Petersville, Alaska

The Forks Roadhouse in Petersville, Alaska. Primarily a snowmachine community in the winter, many Anchorage residents keep second homes or "cabins" here and there's quite a few coming over to the new Roadhouse in the evenings lately to socialize and have a good time.

Pat Wake/ No Wake Band

Alpine Inn, Glenn Highway, Sutton

The Alpine Inn is having their Christmas party, and we are pleased to be playing there again this year. They have free food there, and plenty of room. It is kind of like going back in time there.

Pat Wake/ No Wake Band

Tug Bar Goose Bay Inn, 18.5 Knik-Goose Bay Rd, Wasilla, Ak

Sunday BBQ summer series on Sunday August 13th @ 3-6pm. BBQ is $14.50 for all you can eat...and there's a ton of GOOD stuff to eat too ! Family friendly event on the large garden grounds that are just beautiful. What a fun event this is every time and what a relaxing atmosphere the Tug Bar is--we just love this place !


Anderson Music Festival

Anderson Alaska, Anderson

This is another Music Festival put on by Lulu Small. We have not been to Anderson yet, but we are happy to be going there.

Iron Dog Race/ No Wake Band

Skwentna Road House, Skwentna

The Iron Dog Race will be the event at the Sqwentna Road house that we are playing for. There is always great food. Skwentna is a nice day trip on a Snow machine from the road system.

Last Frontier Motor Cycle Club's Christmas party/ No Wake Band

Peanut Farm , Anchorage