Our Story

Soul searching, following one’s passions and interests, falling in love and getting lost are all part of the journey and struggle of life common to many.  Wind in my Sail by No Wake will take you with them, and leave you refreshed and at peace.  At the core of the No Wake Band is the father/ Son duo, Pat & Sean.  Pat Wake’s musical talent didn’t go unnoticed while serving in the military, where he took first place in a talent show, performed in variety shows at a Military Performing Arts Center, British officer’s club and a British Embassy.  Pat Wake was heavily influenced by Neil Young, and that influence is noticeable, as the No Wake Band’s sound is said to be somewhere between Neil Young and Tom Petty. 

On the CD, “Wind in my Sail”, the song, “Simple Things”, is a lively and up beat, and speaks, of how reality has a way of dissipating dreams.  Feeling stuck in life, it is easy to dream of the future and fail to enjoy today.  Simple Things is a reminder not to lose sight of the simple pleasures in life.  “It Gets You Down” reflects how hard it is for young people, especially for the poor to get a good start in life.  Wind in my Sail is a powerful soul searching song, with a realization of being on the wrong path.  A feeling of confinement, and being out of touch with self and God.  While expressing the desire to flee the scene, it also expresses a dream of being free, a dream of being on your own, dream of sailing away.  These three songs were all part of a journey.  Along the way there is also love.  Along the way there is friends and family hanging out around the campfire; enjoying the simple things of life.