Our Story

Soul searching, following your passions, falling in love, and getting lost are all part of the journey and struggle of life. Join No Wake Band on a journey exploring these common themes of life and come back refreshed and at peace. 

Pat Wake is the founder of No Wake Band. He started teaching himself guitar when he was 14 with no money for lessons and an old guitar that was missing a couple strings. But the love of music kept him going. While serving in the military Pat’s musical talent did not go unnoticed. He took first place in a talent show, performed in variety shows at a Military Performing Arts Center, British officer’s club, and a British Embassy. Pat’s son Sean began performing with him, and the two were known as Pat and Sean. When the band began to include other members, they changed the name to No Wake Band. 

Pat was inspired by the music of Neil Young and the influence is strong in the music. No Wake Band’s sound is said to be somewhere between Neil Young and Tom Petty.

Our CD, “Wind in My Sail,” includes  original songs with soul-searching lyrics about life’s journey. Check out our store to purchase the CD and music page to hear samples and purchase individual tracks. Our CD is also available on Amazon.

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