Release of our CD, "Wind and my Sail".

We are excited about the release of the CD Wind in my Sail.  Sean and I have been playing in parties, weddings, bars, salons, fairs, festivals, lodges, hotels and so on of the last five years or so.  We do mostly covers, and sprinkle our original songs in between the familiar cover everybody is familiar with.  We noticed, as I already knew from my experience playing them years ago that we got good responses from people on our original songs.  Five of the six songs on the CD were written by Pat Wake between 1978 and 1986.  Sean's instrumental, "Chasing Sean",  was composed by Sean Renard, who performed it live by himself, by looping.  A family friend, dubbed the song Chasing Sean, so that is what he named it.  The songs on the CD range from light heartedness to heaviness to peacefulness, and they range from country/ folk to rock.  Michelle Larose plays the bass on most of the songs on the CD, and she is very helpful to the band with coordination of the band members and logistics of our performances, so a special thanks to her.  Cameron Cartland plays the drums on the CD.  Cameron was suggested to by Kurt Riemann at the Studio, and we were delighted with his work.  The banjo on "Smoke in my Eyes", was played by Doug Schutte.  Kurt Riemann at Surreal Studios did all of the Studio work.  I Sean and I would like to thank all of them for their work and input to our CD, "Wind in my Sail".  Thank You!

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