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Pat Wake/ No Wake Band

The Forks Roadhouse, Petersville, Alaska

The Forks Roadhouse in Petersville, Alaska. Primarily a snowmachine community in the winter, many Anchorage residents keep second homes or "cabins" here and there's quite a few coming over to the new Roadhouse in the evenings lately to socialize and have a good time.

Pat Wake/ No Wake Band

Alpine Inn, Glenn Highway, Sutton

The Alpine Inn is having their Christmas party, and we are pleased to be playing there again this year. They have free food there, and plenty of room. It is kind of like going back in time there.

Pat Wake/ No Wake Band

Tug Bar Goose Bay Inn, 18.5 Knik-Goose Bay Rd, Wasilla, Ak

Sunday BBQ summer series on Sunday August 13th @ 3-6pm. BBQ is $14.50 for all you can eat...and there's a ton of GOOD stuff to eat too ! Family friendly event on the large garden grounds that are just beautiful. What a fun event this is every time and what a relaxing atmosphere the Tug Bar is--we just love this place !


Anderson Music Festival

Anderson Alaska, Anderson

This is another Music Festival put on by Lulu Small. We have not been to Anderson yet, but we are happy to be going there.

Iron Dog Race/ No Wake Band

Skwentna Road House, Skwentna

The Iron Dog Race will be the event at the Sqwentna Road house that we are playing for. There is always great food. Skwentna is a nice day trip on a Snow machine from the road system.

Last Frontier Motor Cycle Club's Christmas party/ No Wake Band

Peanut Farm , Anchorage